Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Michael Fassbender!...X-Men TV Spot, Empire Awards, X-Men Promo

We wish Michael a Very Happy Birthday on April 2nd!  Bring on the celebrations!

Over the weekend, Michael won the Jameson Empire Best Supporting Actor award.  He couldn't attend but he sent a video.  Click here to see his video.

X-Men, X-Men everywhere!!!

Michael has been seen around town, without his bushy beard. Click here to see the photos.

Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy made an appearance for a promotional train with X-Men all over it.  Take a look at ComicBook.com.  Pretty nifty!

Hugh, James, and Michael filmed the Twitter/Yahoo Q & A and appeared on the Graham Norton show.  Videos and pictures to come later.

We can't even imagine the mayhem between the three actors.  We also cannot wait to see the videos.

Have a happy birthday Michael!  Here, here to many more years of work and success!


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