Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fish Tank Swims to a Wider Release

This weekend starts the wider theatrical release of Fish Tank. The film is also available on Video on Demand in the states, and available on dvd in the UK. Previously post on this blog, click to see what dates and where.

Reviews everywhere say that this is a must see movie if you like independent movies, movies by director Andrea Arnold, with the actors-Michael Fassbender, Kiersten Wareing, Harry Treadaway, Katie Jarvis, or if you are curious to see why Fish Tank has won so many awards.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bring on Jonah!

There has been so much news and information lately, it's strange to have a break, especially when the pinnacle of it all, was the SAG win last weekend.

This week, "Jonah Hex" heads for reshoots.  Although there really isn't any information out yet about the main characters in the film, concerning the reshoots, there's been a little bit of buzz on Twitter by extras:
gotta be on set at 4pm photo double for the actor Lance reddick from the show the Wire...Jonah Hex movie lets go!!!!

Good morning everyone! How are you all?? I'm working Jonah Hex today, which should be awesome :). Love you all!!

Just found out I got a part in JONAH HEX...excited to work on a western !

So im a photo double for the actor Lance Reddick for the movie jonah hex a western..just got fitted today.shooting 2morrow

Hittin the Gym 2morrow at 730am then got a fitting for a photo double for the movie Jonah Hex at 4pm...lets do this

Getting ready to start up Jonah Hex additional photography on Monday!

My uncle Jim has a small part in Jonah Hex. Details to come.

Got a JONAH HEX audition great to work with Megan Fox again n would love to do a western !
We can safely assume that reshoots have started in L.A. and will go on for about 10 days, according to reports.  You can't go wrong with Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Michael Shannon, Will Arnett, Megan Fox, and of course, Michael Fassbender.


You have to wonder if celebs feel this excited about working on a film, as much as the extras do---or the fans, for that matter.

As fans, we'd really like to see a new photo or two, or some other kind of visual, news, or something other than the film is in reshoots.  We need something to make our mouths water and renew our excitement.  We'd even be willing to sit through the Superbowl or the Olympics for a great trailer.

While the wait is inevitable, why don't you get to know Jonah Hex in it's comic book form, if you haven't already.  Having a background in Hex history can enhance the enjoyment of the movie.  Go to Panel Patter to read about the latest issue, or head over to your favorite book store or comic store and ask for Jonah Hex.

Check out Jimmy Palmiotti's blog, one of the writers of Jonah Hex, or follow him on Twitter.   

Also, you can check out the original screen writers' site, Neveldine and Taylor, to see some of the storyboards from "Jonah Hex".  At least the story boards give the audience something to look forward to, until the studios release something.

A "Jonah Hex" movie site has been made although there's really nothing on it yet.  Look for updates in the following months.  You can follow the Jonah Hex Facebook page, too.

With the comic book genre, 'action figures' are more proned to appear.  We'd go for a great Josh Brolin version of Jonah, and a good Malkovich figure of Turnbull; even a Megan Fox version of Leila-although that could be a little much.  We'd be more happy with a Burke figure, since Michael got shot out of the 300 figures...c'mon, how could you not make figures of Delios, Astinos, Stelios and the Captain?   They were very important to the story, as much or more than the disfigured Spartan.

Getting a bit off topic...

Back to Jonah.  Let's hope that sooner than later, fans of the comic and of the film will get something to sink their teeth into.  And for a future wish, we are crossing our fingers that WB will bring a Jonah Hex panel to Wondercon in San Francisco in April.  It will be perfect timing to push the movie right before the summer.  Whether or not they do, we know at least the comic book will be there.  

Saturday, January 23, 2010

SAG Award winner!

Congrats to Quentin and his cast! They won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for Inglourious Basterds.

Daniel Bruhl - Fredrick Zoller
August Diehl - Major Hellstrom
Julie Dreyfus - Francesca Mondino
Michael Fassbender - Lt. Archie Hicox
Sylvester Groth - Joseph Goebbels
Jacky Ido - Marcel
Diane Kruger - Bridget von Hammersmark
Melanie Laurent - Shosanna
Denis Menochet - Perrier LePedite
Mike Myers - General Ed French
Brad Pitt - Lt. Aldo Raine
Eli Roth - Sgt. Donny Donowitz
Til Schweiger - Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz
Rod Taylor - Winston Churchill
Christoph Waltz - Col. Hans Landa
Martin Wuttke - Hitler

And of course, the superb Christoph Waltz won best supporting actor.  He's just racking those awards up, very deservingly so.  

What a great cast! And thanks to MFO, we have pictures of the lovely event. 


Added the video:

We hope that there will be more awards for the cast and for Michael.  On to the Oscars!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blood Creek out today on DVD

Here's one of those movies where you wonder...what happened?

You have a great director-Joel Schumacher (he's done some good stuff, don't go there!)

three very good actors, who have good fan bases-Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell, Michael Fassbender,

an interesting story-Nazi occultist traps a family, 60 years ago, and two brothers try to save the family and themselves,

serene and gritty scenery, great makeup effects (special kudos to Ken Niederbaumer),

and yet, this movie, which had it's title changed three times, still couldn't find a market.

Today, it's out on dvd.

We had the chance to watch the film in it's brief and strange release, pretty much out in the boonies.   

Personally, we liked it, although had Michael not been in it, we probably wouldn't have given the film a second thought.  We really enjoyed Henry Cavill, too.  We found his character very likeable.

The story itself, is a bit strange, though.  The CGI could have been cleaner, too, what little they used. 

Michael has done horror before.  Eden Lake was one, and you can probably put Hex down in the group, too.   

Michael does an excellent job being fearful, scary, unnerving, and all out gross. 

Just in case you aren't sure about the film, here are some not so biased reviews:

If horror movies still aren't your thing, even if you are curious about Michael's work, at least the first 15 minutes of the movie are worth the viewing.  Mr. Fassbender speaks German, and this was before Inglourious Basterds. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Fans Are Calling It

Recently heard on Twitter:

I called Sam Worthington 2 years ago... now I'm calling Michael Fassbender too. Just wait and see, he's brilliant.

Michael's star is rising, and there's bound to be more and more people, enjoying his work from whatever project he's working on.

Michael is going to be a star, or at least a respected actor, who continues to receive awards, accolades and more importantly, work.  He's a joy to watch.  We hope that the public doesn't get tired of him anytime soon.  We're sure that those who saw Michael's work back then, felt that one day he'd make it big, and it looks like that day will be coming soon.

Now people are making their calls, or making themselves known--when they became fans.  On Twitter, one fan wrote:

Just wanted to have on the record that I was a fan of Michael Fassbender from way before Fish Tank or Hunger or Basterds or even 300.

He was Christenson in Band of Brothers and don't you forget it, world.

Photos from MFO

Others have made similar reports...I was a fan way back when....I was a fan before Fish Tank, or Inglourious Basterds, or Hunger. 

That's really cool.  They were able to see such great talent way back when. But what does being a fan from way back when really mean?

We can say that we were fans from "300", and that's almost 3 years ago.  Just from his performance in "300", we knew there was something extra special that sparked our interest in Michael's work.  Curiosity led us to look for his earlier work, to watch that something special that caught our attention in "300".  Had we had the time, or taken the time to watch Band of Brothers back then, maybe we would have said the same thing, but much earlier.  We did have an interest in the movie, but never got around to it.  Ten hours plus of shows is hard to watch in one sitting.  But even after Band of Brothers, most of Michael's work was TV work in the UK, and we're in the US.  How could we have even known?

There's no way to really measure what a fan really is. One could say that you are a real fan if you share your interests with everyone around you. Or you create a site where fans can gather, like "Hexperience," the first known site for fans of Michael. Or you own every dvd.  Or memorize every article published.  Or attend public appearances.  Or write letters of appreciation.  Or blog about your admired.  Or sit quietly, enjoying the work until everyone else catches up with you. It really doesn't matter.

Whether you do something outwardly or not, doesn't make you a better fan.  Jumping on a bandwagon isn't a bad thing, as long as the jump is safe and is being constantly jumped by new people.  It's important to keep the old fans but also inspire new fans.  If you are just starting out within an interest, it's nice to know someone who knows the ropes.  Don't get overwhelmed with information, and don't feel bad that you don't know.  You'll know soon, and from there, you can be an expert, just like anyone else from 'way back when'. 

Whatever makes you feel like a fan, as long as it doesn't endanger you or someone else, should be a good enough level for you.  Which reminds us, we have a card to send out.

What is your fan level like?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

From the Past to the Present

Don't forget that if you are in the New York area, Fish Tank will be playing in town.  Check or previous posts on this blog.

Also, if you are in Cleveland this weekend, Francois Ozon's "Angel" will be playing at The Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque on Saturday and Sunday.  If you can't wait for "Fish Tank" to make it near you, take a peek at "Angel".

Michael filmed this movie right after "300" and they both premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival at the same time.  He seems to be promoting more than one major film at a time during festivals.   

"Angel" is a very lush looking movie; beautiful costumes and rich scenery.  It's also over the top, so chuckling is allowed.  Michael's performance is great as Esme', Angel's brooding husband.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More New York Nights

A very short post for today.  More and more photos of Michael attending the New York Film Critics Circle, have made their way through to the masses.  With big names showing up like Clooney and Gandolfino, Michael was in good company and the photographers were ready.  Also in town and at the event was director Steve McQueen and actor Christoph Waltz.

Thoughts of Clooney and Fassbender in a movie sounds good.  Michael will be working soon, with director Steven Soderbergh, who worked with Clooney in the Ocean's Trilogy.  

To view a bunch of these great photos with Michael, dressed for the chilly New York January evening, go to MFO and join the forum.   

Day and Night with Michael Fassbender

This day is just full of Michael news, from interviews, to nominations, to reshoots, to pictures an videos.  Could fans not be more happy?

First a couple more interviews.  Every little interview uncovers something different about how Michael works or what he thinks about his work. From

Last time Movieline spoke to you, Inglourious Basterds was about to come out. Since then, have you seen a change in how Hollywood has treated you?

I hasn’t really changed that much, to be honest. I’m just taking it job by job. Definitely, there’s an opportunity to get into certain rooms that I wouldn’t have had before. I guess in the independent market, I’d be getting offers, but in terms of big studio films, I still have to audition. I don’t think my name is that well-known, I don’t have much of a following to guarantee box office success yet. That’s something that hasn’t changed, let’s say, since we last spoke.

Michael, if you want to know what people think of you, check out The Things They Say or do a search on Twitter.  There are more people finding out who you are and appreciating your work.  We're sure that with such big projects like "The Talking Cure" and "Jane Eyre", all of that will change, hopefully for the good. 


How did you get involved with David Cronenberg's The Talking Cure?

Well, he just sort of approached my agent and said that he was interested in me doing this script, so I went up to meet him in Toronto—and, you know, he's a legend, so to meet him was really special. And then we just sort of had a really good chat, and we both like motor sports, and he was telling me [about] when he went to the Ducati factory in Italy: they really like him there because he based the pods in The Fly on a Ducati motor, the engine of a Ducati motorcycle.

And from

CS: How excited were you to do a modern-day film? You've been doing so many period pieces and been all over history.
Fassbender: I know, know, yeah. It's nice, yeah, absolutely. It's always nice to do something contemporary, and it's nice to have a fresh contemporary piece, a new writer, a fresh topic and something that's taking place in the hear and now for sure. That's always nice. It's nice to mix it up.

CS: I know some actors who just love doing period pieces.
Fassbender: Yeah, I do like dressing up. (laughs)

CS: That might have to be the quote for the piece: "I like dressing up." Fassbender: (laughs) Yeah, exactly! Well, it's like a friend says to me, she's like, "You play dress-up for a living," and I think that's a really good way of putting it. So there is something quite cool about period pieces, because when you do put on all the little bits and pieces, it does give you the feel of a different era, and it gives you a little spring in your step as your character, gives you that little extra layer.

Then there's a new video interview by  You can click the link or watch the video interview the side panel now. 

Michael was still in NY as of yesterday.  He attended the New York Critics Circle awards with some big names-George Clooney, James Gandolfino.  And he met up with director Steve McQueen and Christoph Waltz.  Photo from MFO.

With all that, the day ends.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Reshoots and Recognition

A few weeks ago, it was reported that the film, Jonah Hex, was going to be back doing reshoots.  Not sure what brought that up, but it was reported to be happening.
So then word has come out that early in 2010 reshoots will be taking place, seemingly as Cinematical reports here to create some whole new flashback scenes and also other newly created material set in the time of the story. Source
Yesterday, it was reported that Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Megan Fox and Michael Fassbender would be included in a schedule of reshoots at the end of the month.  The original film location was in New Orleans, but the reshoots will be filmed in L.A.

Let's revisit that picture of Michael as Burke in "Jonah Hex", and those tattoos:


Some have called the idea of reshoots a bad thing for the movie because it shows that there could be a problem with the movie.  From the Jonah Hex panel at Comic-con last summer, it had sound like both Michael and Megan didn't have a lot of scenes, so fans should be happy if either one of them are in more scenes.  Maybe they'll have some on-the-set photos available...would be nice.  A trailer out soon would also be a nice touch.  It could help all the bad press.  Just sayin' guys.  

The reshoots come just in time to be in town for the awards' season.  Michael is included in the best ensemble awards for Inglourious Basterds for the Golden Globes airing Jan. 17, 2010.

Michael has been nominated with various awards for his work in Fish Tank.  On the other side of the pond, two more award group have put up their nominations:

Irish Film and Television-Best Supporting Actor
London's Critics' Circle-Best Supporting Actor

Good luck to Michael and all nominees!

Fashion Forward

First, Vanity Fair, now GQ.  Are you sensing a trend?

Actually, for those who have been following Michael for a bit, he has been featured in a few fashion magazines in Europe before these big ones.

GQ did a 6-page spread on a very well-suited Michael last year.  The photos are phenomenal, photographed by Ben Watts, a magician with visual arts.

GQ met up with Michael in New York to catch a few words with him and you can read the interview on their site  Titled The Best Irish Import Since Guinness which they used in their photo spread with Michael last year, he was asked about his upcoming work and his previous work in Inglourious Basterds and Fish Tank, which he was promoting.
When you're dealing with heavy topic matter, I think it's important to alleviate that by keeping it as light as possible in between shots.
 One of the best questions and answers has to be:
You know, the past like decade in America, we've gotten used to this sort of boy-ish kind of guy whose a little more soft than tough. And you ride motorcycles and drink beer damn it! How do you feel you fit into all of that? Do you feel like the shape of masculinity is changing in film?

I think men, in general, we are running scared at the moment, aren't we? [laughs] We're a dying breed! But if you look at Al Pacino and a guy like [American actor] Steve McQueen, they're different forms of masculinity. And different roles require different things of men. Maybe you have more of an artistic character who's more feminine and a lot of girls like that, too, I think. What's horrible is if it all becomes one though. You want to have all those various choices.
The article is a very quick read, so go ahead and indulge.  And don't mind revisiting Watts' photo shoot.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Diving into a theater near you has posted quite a list of theaters for a limited run of Fish Tank.  Unlike when Hunger was released, and people had to actually search for theaters, IFC has done a great job giving Fish Tank a wider release, if that's possible with a limited release.  Seventeen states and DC, out of 50, not bad-over 35 percent. 

There are also other places that IFC will be showing Fish Tank, aside from the schedule below:
-Palm Springs Film Fest, Jan. 8 & 10
-UCLA Film and Television, Jan. 11 at the Billy Wilder Theater, Los Angeles, CA.
-San Francisco, Vogue Theater, Jan. 16

Here are the cities and dates:

1/29/2010  Berkeley, CA  Shattuck  Landmark
1/29/2010  Encino, CA  Town Center Laemmle
1/29/2010  Laguna Niguel, CA  Rancho Niguel Doug Freed
1/29/2010  Los Angeles, CA Sunset 5  Laemmle
1/29/2010  Pasadena, CA  Playhouse  Laemmle
1/29/2010  San Francisco, CA  Lumiere  Landmark
1/29/2010  Santa Monica, CA  Monica  Laemmle
2/19/2010  Santa Cruz, CA  Nickelodeon  Independent
3/5/2010  San Luis Obispo, CA  The Palm  Independent
3/15/2010  San Diego, CA  Ken Cinema  Landmark

2/26/2010  Denver, CO  Chez Artiste  Landmark

2/5/2010  New Haven, CT  Criterion  Bow Tie
3/12/2010  Hartford, CT  Real Art Ways  Independent

2/5/2010  Washington, DC  E Street  Landmark

3/26/2010  Miami, FL  Bill Cosford Cinema  Emerging
3/26/2010  Miami, FL  Miama Beach Cinematheque  Emerging

2/26/2010  Atlanta, GA  Midtown Art  Landmark

2/5/2010  Chicago, IL  Music Box  Independent

3/26/2010  Indianapolis, IN  Keystone Art  Landmark

1/29/2010  Cambridge, MA  Kendall Square  Landmark

2/19/2010  Detroit, MI  Main Art  Landmark

3/19/2010  Minneapolis, MN  Lagoon  Landmark

3/5/2010  St. Louis, MO  Tivoli  Landmark

New Mexico
3/12/2010  Santa Fe, NM  The Screen  Independent

New York
1/15/2010  New York, NY  Lincoln Plaza Independent
1/15/2010  New York, NY  IFC Center  Independent

4/2/2010  Tulsa, OK  Circle Theater  Ind

2/12/2010  Philadelphia, PA  Ritz at the Bourse  Landmark

3/19/2010  Ft. Worth, TX  Modern Art Museum  Independent

2/26/2010  Seattle, WA  Varsity  Landmark


Friday, January 8, 2010

Talking Up a Storm and Dressing to the Nines

There's been so much going on, trying to keep up with Michael's career, we don't even know where to start.  But we'll try.

Since the US theatrical release date was announced (January 15, 2010), "Fish Tank" has been a movie that has been listed as one of the must see movies of 2010.  After two days of screening in New York and Brooklyn, the votes coming in say:  go see it!  You'll be shocked and/or confused, but you'll be thinking about the movie for a long time. 

One of our favorite Michael friendly blogs, My New Plaid Pants, blogged about BAM's screening and the Q & A experience in Brooklyn.  He described Michael as:
Charming as hell, with that enormous smile of his that spreads out Cheshire-Cat-like and that sing-songy Irish accent of his (he even said "arse"!) making his every word melodious...
Two days of press interviews with Michael from yesterday and today will be coming through soon, as many news sites have mentioned in their reports about Michael's new project.

One interview in particular has made it's way through from last month's press stop.  Another exceptional, in depth interview with Michael, about Fish Tank.  Michael talked extensively about Fish Tank, discussing his work with co-star Katie Jarvis and director Andrea Arnold.  He was talked about his thoughts on work in general:
He was asked about the importance of his work being recognized or “is the work the work?”

The work is the work.  I’d be lying if I said it’s not nice to get these things, for sure.  But I try not to get caught up in it, because then you get disappointed.  It’s kind of weird as well in a creative capacity to have “this is the best film.”  I don’t know if there’s a parallel in sports: you’re the fastest runner or the second fastest runner.  I think it’s always nice to have fellow peers acclaim work by praising each other’s work.  I think it’s always a nice environment, like when you go to these festivals and it’s just about enjoying all the work that’s out there and a celebration of film.
To read more: 

"Centurion", a movie about the Roman Legion, has a UK release date, which has been pushed from March to April.  No date for the US yet- sourcePathe Films also has a page on their site for upcoming information about the film. 

The latest issue of Vanity Fair, with some pro golfer on the cover, has a one page spread of Michael Fassbender.  It's probably one of the best photos that he's taken, and that's saying a lot, because his photo shoots are quite famous.  It has definitely turned heads.

Click to enlarge:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

If You Missed IFC's Q & A

Thanks to IFC and Moving Image Source, if you didn't make it to NYC for the Q & A, the two companies have audio available from the event.  Thank you a million times!

Go to Michael's page on Moving Image Source's page and you'll be able to download directly or listen to the mp3. 

Michael Fassbender talks extensively about Fish Tank and a bit of what's coming up this year for him. 

Let's hope for another audio tonight and maybe some pictures.

Michael is a "Knockout"!

At least his newest news is...

Michael grabbed the attention of movie goers in NYC at the IFC Center's Fish Tank screening.  Comments on Twitter included:
Fish Tank: Interesting rawness. Engaging lead as teenage girl. Cool Q&A at IFC w/Michael Fassbender. Glad to see him post-Hunger lkg spry.

andrea arnold's fish tank @ifccenter is a terrific film. great performances incl. michael fassbender who gave gracious q&a in person

btw when told that twitter has nice things to say about him, michael fassbender replied "thanks twitter
On Facebook:
Q+A with actor Michael Fassbender last night at IFC. Woman in audience: 'Can you tell us about the scenes with the horse.' Moderator repeats her question: 'Tell us about the scenes with the prostitutes.' Mind you there were no scenes in the film with Prostitutes (Whores). There were scenes with horse. The audience, and Fassbender, lose there s*** for a good minute. Classic.

michael fassbender is much hotter in person!

Enjoyed Fish Tank at the IFC with an after show audience with Michael Fassbender (of Hunger, 300, Inglorious Basterds...)
Soon afterwards, notices of upcoming interviews were spotted on Twitter:
Talking to Michael Fassbender in an hour or so. I take no responsibility for my actions while in the same room as Archie Hicox.

Off to meet Michael Fassbender. Gonna ask him all about directing BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ.

Great, it's supposed to snow tomorrow as I trudge to NYC to interview Michael Fassbender. I guess I have bad luck picking days to go to NYC.

Fassbender a delightful, charming interview, and more like Archie Hicox than you might think. Can't wait to see everything he does next.
With various interviews today and tomorrow, we found out that Michael has a small role in a big project.  Coming from his own mouth:
“I’ll be starting work with Steven Soderbergh in the beginning of February in Dublin,” Fassbender said, confirming that he’ll take part in the prolific director’s next film, Knockout. That’d be the spy thriller starring mixed martial arts superstar Gina Carano, written by Lem Dobbs (The Limey).

"I play this MI6 operative that meets up with the lead character, so it should be very interesting," he told us earlier. "I'm very excited to work with him. He's a legend."

Fassbender said he's in about four scenes, amounting to 12 or 13 days work, and had this to say about his female co-star: "She's a cagefighter. She's this Muaythai expert amazing fighter, and very very pretty too. I checked her out on YouTube, and it's like, holy s***." posted an article about the movie.  Dennis Quaid and Ewan MacGregor are also part of the cast. 

 photo care of /

The male actors are all part of Carano's special forces team. Douglas plays a government figure not unlike Chris Cooper or Brian Cox from the 'Bourne' movies. Fassbender and one other actor who has yet to sign-on officially (we've been asked not to say who because it's not 100% confirmed, but the actor is male and a fairly big name; though it's possible scheduling conflicts may prevent him from participating) play members of her commando spy unit, and one of these two plays the central antagonist that betrays Carano's character (this is still being kept under wraps for now). McGregor's role is that of the owner/guy who runs a Blackwater private military company-type group that the female fighting champion is is part of (and apparently many of the males take a beating at the hands of Carano).

Fassbender is the quickly rising, in-demand actor that everyone wants to work with (Tarantino, et. al) and the director is certainly one of those people — Fassbender's role was written with the actor in mind.

It's exciting to know that Michael is now having scripts written for him, be it big or small. To read more go to The

What kind of surprises fans is that Michael's first project this year, "A Single Shot", looks like it's been delayed.  Back when it was announced, he was supposed to start shooting last October, than it moved to Jan./Feb.  Now it seems indefinitely delayed.  It was such a good project too, with some favorite actors, such as Forest Whitaker, Thomas Hayden Church, and William A Macy.  According to IMDB, the production date starts early Feb, which had been updated Dec. 22.  There was an interview around that time, with the director, stating he didn't know how long the movie was going to be delayed, as he was looking around at shooting locations in Canada. 

For the most part, movieland probably doesn't care.  But for fans, "A Single Shot" was going to be the first time Michael would be playing a leading role in the US.  We'll have to wait for "The Talking Cure" with Christoph Waltz and Keira Knightly.

Not to be too upset.  As says, "Fassbender is turning into a real man of the moment based on his work in Hunger and Basterds."  If one things doesn't pan out, he'll be sure to get more.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Fish Tank" movie, upfront and personal

If you been following MFO, Hexperience, MFmultiply or other sites devoted to promoting Michael's work, through whatever forum they use, you know that we've been promoting the ying yang out of Michael's appearance in Brooklyn, tomorrow, Jan 7.  It's a real treat to watch Michael's work and then listen or participate in the Q & A, or even talk to him.

If there are any tickets left, and you are in the area, please go!  The event is being presented by BAM.  There's also another viewing in NY presented by Reel Insider, on the same night in Pelham.  For tickets to Reel Insider's event click here.

The representatives of MFmultiply won't able to make it to the Q & A this time.  But we can't wait to read attendees' experiences and see pictures that will be shared online.  Although we won't be there to meet fans, we've had the opportunity to meet Michael, and all we can say is that the attendees are in for a treat. 

We can't wait to read the reaction of people who will hopefully have the opportunity to meet Mr. Fassbender.

Also attending will be director Andrea Arnold.  "Fish Tank" has stirred up emotions and questions by viewers and no doubt it will be interesting to hear the answers about her work.  And, what she's up to next.

For your enjoyment, a second US trailer has come out for "Fish Tank".  But if you've been keeping track of "Fish Tank", you'll realize it's not really new, hence we haven't been promoting it.  MFO posted information about it back in Dec.  Enjoy it whether you've seen it before or not.  Or go to Apple's movie trailers to view in HD or download to your Ipod.

And don't worry if you can't make it to Brooklyn to see "Fish Tank".  The movie will be released this month and will still be heading to various film festivals.  We'll be taking in our second viewing of "Fish Tank" at our local film festival the following week.  

And just before we were ready to post this, we found out Michael is also doing a screening for IFC Centers tonight at 7 pm. Get your tickets at IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave @ W. 3rd St, NYC.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Simple is best, I suppose..."

Thanks to the wonderful Hexperience site, a new interview with Michael has surfaced.  One of the nice things about Michael's career is that there isn't a shortage of discussion and information, at least not at this moment, when he has three movies being released on dvd in two months.  Add to that, a theatrical release of an award winning film this month in the US (Fish Tank), a continuous schedule of work for at least the first half of the year, and we will be very busy keeping up with him.

So let's take a look at the first interview posted for the new year.

Q&A with Michael Fassbender
Text: Kee Chang
Photographers: Jenny Mörtsell (illustration)

Michael Fassbender is one big paradox. On screen, the mild-mannered 32-year-old projects the smoldering confidence of a Daniel Day-Lewis or Clive Owen. In person, with his slight brawny frame wrapped in a loose-fitting t-shirt, he seems far less robust. Sitting down for our interview, it becomes rather obvious from the get go that he’s the absolute antithesis of actorly pretension. Bursting at the seams with charisma and charm in equal measures, the Irish-German actor speaks as candidly about his past as a struggling actor living in London as he does about working with Quentin Tarantino on Inglourious Basterds.
For those going to see Michael in Brooklyn on Jan. 7, you will be able to witness the charisma and charm.  

The article continues to talk about Michael's work in Hunger, Fish Tank, Inglourious Basterds, Jonah Hex, A Single Shot, his first acting jobs on stage, and possibly forming his own company again.  He jokingly askes the interviewer if he can suggest a new name for the company, since his first choice was already taken.

For more, read the article on and enjoy the lovely illustration. 

Monday, January 4, 2010

Interview redo

Last month, published a download for their magazine, with an interview with Michael called, "Life in the Fass Lane".  Michael talked about his favorite places in L.A, where he's recently moved, as most up and coming actors do.

Blackboard just released the same interview online, without having to download the magazine.  And they have posted some great pictures.

Michael Michael

Michael Michael

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to MFmultiply

Happy New Year!

WELCOME to the NEW news-alert site for the blog site of MFmultiply-Michael Fassbender Multiply. After being one of the top places to find Michael-related items online, it was time to up our efforts to promote Michael and his work, following his growing acclaim in such projects as Inglourious Basterds, Hunger and Fish Tank.  The more people talk about Michael, the more we felt the need to create a new news alert to go along with our original blog site and recently formed forum.

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MFmultiply has been around since late 2007, after Michael made his way onto the US screens in 300. Forgive him or not for being in 300, he was one of the best things in that movie, and it got him noticed on this side of the pond.
All of his movies since 300 have been on the best movies’ lists of the year and of the decade from movie fans and critics alike. He’s becoming a favorite actor, too.

Lucky for all of us, there’s more to come. This year, we’ll see him in Centurion, Jonah Hex, and possibly A Single Shot.

We eagerly await his lead performances, including Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre and Carl Jung in The Talking Cure.

Michael has seemed to impress both film critics and film enthusiasts. Go to the forum to see what people are saying about his performances and talent.

Michael and his projects have won numerous awards. We do believe Michael will win the top acting awards one day. He’s that good. Until then, we will enjoy his all the work that he does.

Our favorite places to visit include Michael Fassbender Online (or MFO as members call it)
and Hexperience, the first website dedicated to Michael's work.

If you are interested in Michael's work, please visit the links to learn more.

Welcome 2010!