Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Presenting Burke

The buzz last a couple of weeks ago was all about the new character posters for Jonah Hex. For Fassbender fans, there's only one poster we want to see-a fantastic visual feast appeared on the internet.

It's really good to see Michael being showcased as part of this film.

There's nothing wrong with a simplistic poster.  Some have mentioned that it's not 'artistic' or that it doesn't say anything about the film.  But to Fassbender fans, it says a lot.  It says that he's one of the main characters in the film, that the studios seem fit to put his face on poster in order to help sell the film.  And that he's an important part of the film. 

Personally, we don't care for a real busy poster, with all the artwork.  It reminds us too much of video games, which we don't really participate.  But as we always say, to each their own. 

As we've been reading the comments about this poster, there are questions being asked that are easily answered.

One comment was about how Michael's look is reminiscent of Clockwork Orange. Good catch! According to Michael's own words about his character Burke:

I’ve heard you had a lot to do with conceiving your villain in Jonah Hex.

I kind of got my ideas from makeup and wardrobe, to be honest. I had sort of a basic idea where I was going with the character, but it actually really changed massively when I arrived in New Orleans and met up with Michael Wilkinson, who did the costumes on 300 as well. And then Christien Tinsley was doing makeup, and he basically put these tattoos on that start at my chin and go all the way down my torso and up my forearms. So I had that look, and I thought, “Whoa, that’s kind of cool and interesting,” because it was Polynesian and suggests that the guy was a sailor, perhaps. On top of that, Michael had this three-piece suit, this suit that was kind of dandyish in its time but had been broken down and was kind of rough and ready now, and when I went through hats and put on this bowler hat, I thought, “I’ve got it. It’s sort of Clockwork Orange, or 1970s Riddler.”
Since the posters have come out, the studios have been slowing showing trailers and ads on tv.  We've seen up to 8 or 9 different ones right now.  You can find most of them on Youtube and they will be on our site at Multiply.com under "Videos".  We'll be posting all the videos we can find on there.  So check often for your video viewing pleasure. 

If you want to see the first two TV spots, go to the Jonah Hex movie site.  You should also check out the film site, because they've updated the site with games, downloads, comics, and other stuff.   The rest of the character posters are there, too. 

There are now three trailers, and we really like the latest web trailer.  It shows more of a story within the film.

Other interesting news, mainly a rumor, but NECA, the toy company who distributed and sold the "300" figures (which we were waiting for a third wave and never came, maybe they'll change their mind if the film comes out on 3-D), is also distributing the "Jonah Hex" figures.  A youtube reviewer mentioned that there is plans for a second wave of figures, with possibly one of "Burke", Michael character.  We will finally get a great action figure of Michael's character.

As a collector, we know that figures and dolls only capture a moment of a look, and we can only imagine how the figure might turn out.

We say to NECA, if they do put out another wave of characters with Burke, we will buy the whole set...all 6 of them, and maybe a few extra Burkes to give away for gifts.  We gave away some of the 300 Leonidas as thank you gifts to friends.

Jonah Hex comes to US theaters on June 18.  Hope to see you there!

Originally written 05/15/10