Wednesday, February 26, 2014

X-Men 2 Sneak Peak 2 and More Award Ceremonies

Director Bryan Singer sent out a trailer teaser:

Just a few seconds shows a lot of character.

Soon, we'll be inundated with clips, pictures, and interviews.

More Michael news:

This weekend is the Oscars.  Michael is nominated for Best Supporting Actor and "12 Years A Slave" is nominated for best pictures.  Also, Chiwetel Ejiofor is nominated for Best Actor.  We'll see what goes through this weekend.

From MFO: The Empire Magazine's Jameson award nominations are out.  You can vote for your favorite films and actors, including Michael and 12 Years a Slave.  Vote here.

Looking forward to more award ceremonies for 12 Years a Slave.

Michael right now, is still filming "MacBeth" in Scotland.

Friday, February 21, 2014

X-Men Photos

New photos and a new website to wet your whistle.

Pictures from all over the net

Want more?  Check out the new movie website: 

Looking good.  Can't wait for May!

Meanwhile, director Bryan Singer is already planning his third film.  For more info:  

Monday, February 17, 2014

BAFTAs Spoiler Alert

If you don't want to know spoilers, don't read this until you get your information or watch the awards show.
12 Years A Slave:

Won Best Film and Chiwetel won for Best Actor.  Congrats to the winners!

Michael, Best Supporting Actor nominee did not win.   We were disappointed in not seeing or hearing his win, but that's ok.  Michael's best is still yet to come.  He's still a top wanted actor and as long as he keeps bringing in the fans, awards doesn't mean much.  Awards are only made from a few, minority groups telling people what they thought was good.  Awards are subjective, which is our favorite word of the time.  Awards are the opinions of few.  It doesn't weigh in the hearts and minds of those fans who enjoy their favorites' works.  It doesn't necessarily pay the bills.  A lot of great actors have made a career without ever getting an award.  And there is the other side.  Many who do win, never get another big opportunity.  There are theories about the awards and the statistics that can show that it really doesn't matter.  It's nice to be recognized, but it doesn't always give you the work you want. 

Instead, lets bask in the picturesque offerings from the show:

Michael is still sporting his "MacBeth" beard, which looks dashing for him.

Here are some videos with Michael on the red carpet.

We learn that Michael will be filming a new project called "Trespass Against Us."

So, who really cares if Michael wins an award?  Fans know he is worth more than an award that is forgotten at the next award show. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New "X-Men" Image Featuring Magneto

From X-Men Movies, a new photo on Twitter:

We can't wait for the end of May!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From a Long Hiatus

Hello fans!

Sorry for the years of slacking.  Not on purpose.  Too much happening. 

Our original blog hosting site closed last year and we had to clean and archive stuff.  But no worries, things have been moving to the forum. 

We are slowing coming back. 

And Michael's career is full steam ahead.

Right now, he's in Scotland filming "Macbeth." 

The pictures look pretty cool.


Time to pull out another school book to reacquaint ourselves with the story.

He just finished a western in New Zealand called, "Slow West."

He's also been nominated in all the award shows for best supporting actor.  He's too busy to stop.

Look forward to "X-men 2" this year.

In theaters now or soon are "12 Years a Slave" and "Frank". 

DVDs out now are "The Counselor" and "Prometheus". 

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