Saturday, March 22, 2014

Filming in Ely-MacBeth, X-men Teaser Trailer, and Other News

Photos have been posted around about the filming in Ely.  Check out the slide show of the film location, with a picture of Michael coming to the area at Cambridge-News.

Director Bryan Singer posted a teaser trailer on Instagram, with some scenes we've seen before.  It's a teaser for a new trailer to come out this Monday.  Click here to see the trailer and follow the X-Men Instagram for new pictures and videos.  We can't wait!  May cannot come soon enough!

Some cool articles focusing on Michael came out, especially during St. Patrick's Day.

An interesting article from Men's Health:  5 Lessons You Can Learn from Michael Fassbender's Face

We'll be waiting for the new X-men trailer and news from Ely.

Until later....


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